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Tahitian Pearl Promotion Team in Greater China & HK

“We shall joint hands to lead the association to continue the spirit of the association to promote Tahitian pearls and reinforce trade solidarity.”

With support from French Polynesian government and leading Tahitian pearl wholesalers, Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong (“TPAHK”) was founded on December 5, 2007. Its mission is to consolidate the prestigious image of Tahitian pearls and the spread of relevant information about Tahitian pearls among industry players and consumers, thereby boosting the market value of Tahitian pearls and promoting sustainable market growth.

Left to Right
Left : President Mr Johnny Cheng (Chairman of Rio Pearl)
Middle : Director-General Ms Amy Yan (CEO of Man Sang Jewellery (Hong Kong) Limited)
Right : Founding Life Long President and Supervisor Mr Chan Ming Wing (Chairman of Chan Ming Wing Pearl International Company Limited)

Strong sales in auction project
positive market outlook

The 18th Cooperate Tahiti Auction (Rikitea Auction) was held from 26th to 27th March 2017 in Tahiti.

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2016 Jewelry Design Competitions
sparkled with Triumphant

Finalist of JMA International Jewelry Design Competition using Tahitian Peal.

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HK stays as the
No.1 market for Tahitian Peal

Due to shortage in supply, competition among top grade round Tahitian pearls remains keen.

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Guided visits at
pearl museum, aution, peal farm

To enhance better understanding of Tahitian pearls and it's stringent export and quality control.

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